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The Sydney Dance Fiends are a not for profit organisation formed by a group of dancers with the prime purpose of running an annual  Same Sex Dancesport event in Sydney.  Our first event was in 2012, after it became clear that there was no established dance club or studio prepared to regularly host such an event.  Fiends, is an acronym, Friendly, Inclusive, Easygoing, Non-political Dancers of Sydney.  And that is who we are and how we try to be.

Our annual Dancesport competition was in its 4th year in 2016. Each year it has attracted more that 300 spectators, dancers from around the country, a dedicated band of volunteers and the warm support of members of the mainstream dance community - a community that at an official level continues to refuse to recognize same sex couples (no, not just the marriage act!). 

  The event includes demonstrations from community dance groups, social dancing, audience participation novelty events and usually we teach the room in general a few steps in one thing or another as well as formal competitive events.  It is open to all same sex couples.